Adobe Dreamweaver: Website Development

Adobe Dreamweaver Website Development is a three day course that provides web designers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to build and manage professional web sites using Dreamweaver.

Creating HTML Emails with Adobe Dreamweaver

This is a two day hands-on course intended for people who want to create well-designed and reliable HTML emails. During the course, delegates will learn the most effective techniques to create attractive HTML emails which work in all major email clients. Dreamweaver is used to create the pages, but the skills you learn can be used in any other web design tool.

Introduction to Web publishing and HTML / XHTML

A two-day hands-on course intended for people looking to maintain websites for commercial use on the Internet. This course is suitable for both Mac and PC users who want to acquire HTML knowledge as a solid foundation to their Web design projects. It does not feature a WYSIWYG Web authoring tool but concentrates on the background HTML, input using a simple text editor, such as TextEdit in Mac OS or Notepad in Windows.

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 for Web Professionals

This course is aimed at existing web developers with knowledge of earlier versions of HTML and CSS. The course gives an introduction to some of the important new features and tags available within HTML5, as well as some of the latest CSS and JavaScript techniques. It includes the use of new structural HTML element tags such as HEADER, FOOTER, ASIDE, ARTICLE and NAV, as well as the use of the VIDEO and AUDIO tags.

Advanced HTML skills

A one-day course for HTML authors, covering the advanced techniques required to build engaging websites such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, plugins and forms. As in the two-day Introduction to Web publishing course, students work on a series of examples which illustrate all the techniques used. The course is available to users of both Macintosh and PC platforms.

Introduction to User Experience (UX) Design

This course covers the foundation principles for creating successful user experiences. Through hands-on exercises we experiment and explore space, form, and function to apply successful UX design on modern platforms and devices. Participants gain experience in planning and prototyping through typical UX design workflows.

Introduction to Dynamic Website Development using PHP

Whichever authoring tool you use, and however much it simplifies the coding process, there is great benefit to be had from understanding PHP structures properly. Our course teaches PHP syntax, server side operations and the SQL commands that will let you get started with creating robust data driven PHP pages.