Introduction to Swift 2.0 Development with Objective-C

With Swift 2.0 featuring significant new enhancements, now is the perfect time to learn Apple’s exciting new programming language. Our course emphasises the best of the new features in version 2.0 and we’ve been careful to make it accessible for those new to programming, teaching topics in small steps so that beginners can learn code in “bite-size” chunks. For experienced programmers, our course is a great way to understand the Swift language and see how well it provides a clean, modern and efficient approach to programming, using the functional features of Swift. Please note that we have delivered this course to staff from Apple UK.

Tools used on this course

Program flow and constants

Basic functional programming (no variables required)

Variables and types

Program flow with variables

Custom types passed by value

Custom types passed by reference

Memory management

Objective C Basics



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